Onnertz, Lisa


Name der Praxis/Institution: Practice for osteopathic medicine and
Integrative Baby Therapy / Praxis für osteopathische Medizin und integrative

Adresse: Friedelstr. 3A, 12047 Berlin, Germany

Telefon: +49 (0)30 63960706

Email Adresse: mail@osteopathie-onnertz.de

Therapeutische Ausbildung:

MSc Osteopathy, IBT practicioner, SE
practicioner in training (until Aug2021); Heilpraktikerin / healing practicioner


Heilpraktikerin, Osteopathy

Zielgruppe: humans

Fremdsprachen: German, English; rudimentary French, German Sign Language
(DGS); experience working with translators

Berufsverband: BAO (professional association of osteopathy in Germany)

Berufsverbänden: VOSD (https://www.osteopathieschule.

Bezahlungsmodus (Anerkennung bei Krankenkassen u.a.):
most German health
insurances pay for osteopathic treatments partially, private insurances and additional
insurances for healing practicioners usually pay about 80% of the treatments costs