Wegehaupt, Babette


Name of practice/institution: Babyzeit in Bremen

Address: Bremerhavener Strasse 49/51, 28217 Bremen

Phone: +49421/9596054

Email address: wegehaupt-fam@gmx.de

Therapeutic training:

Emotional first aid, Attachment oriented body psychotherapy, Integrative baby therapy

Basic training:

alternative practitioner for psychotherapy

Treatment methods:

GfG-Familienbegleiterin®, developmentally supportive neonatal companion, lactation consultant


Parent, baby, infant and child therapy with a focus on early childhood stress from the period of pregnancy, birth and infancy.

Short-term therapies and process-oriented therapies over longer periods

Target group:

Pregnant women, parents and children, also experiences with foster children and adopted children to work through the early childhood history, premature and sick newborns to accompany or later work through the early childhood experiences, also accompaniment of the parents and to work through the first time with the child. Families after stressful pregnancies, after difficult births and after miscarriages or stillbirths.

Professional associations:

Member of the federal association "Das frühgeborene Kind e. V." (The premature baby)

Payment mode (recognition by health insurance companies etc.):

Private payer, possible co-payment by additional insurance for alternative practitioner treatment or by private insurance companies