Aletha Solter, Goleta, USA. Information about "Mindful Parenthood" based on developmental psychological and family dynamic insights for healthy development.

APPPAH - Association for Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology and Health, USA. Similar to the German and Swiss ISPPM.

BEBA (s.a.Ray Castellino), USA. Supporting family in processing pre/perinatal trauma.

Mother-Child-Bonding Analysis according to György Hidas and Jenö Raffai. Accompaniment of pregnant women to promote the prenatal mother-child relationship. 

Biosynthesis / David Boadella. Body and psychodynamically oriented form of therapy, including pre- / perinatal, body therapeutic and transpersonal aspects.

CEPPs Childhood and Early Parenting Principles international organization that works closely with the UN and WHO and also represents P&P principles.

Conscious Embodiment / Matthew Appleton & Jenni Meyer, UK/Bristol. Craniosacral, body psychologists and parent-baby therapists

Ray Castellino, St. Barbara, USA, pre- / perinatal and craniosacral therapist. Training and therapy for adults, babies and families, also in clinical settings (see also BEBA).

Existence Institute Winterthur, Switzerland. Training centre for craniosacral therapy as well as prenatal and birth therapy under the direction of Dominique Dégranges. Process-oriented further education in the craniosacral, prenatal and traumatological field as well as birth process workshops for self-awareness.

EEH - Emotional first aid (s.a. ZEPP, Bremen). A body-oriented method for crisis and developmental counselling, attachment support and preventive psychotherapy with parents, infants and toddlers.

William Emerson, Petaluma, USA, one of the pioneers of pre/perinatal research and psychotherapy for babies and adults. Training seminars in the USA, England, Germany, Italy and Switzerland.

GAIMH - – Society for Mental Health in Early Childhood

Joint practice for osteopathy & parent-baby therapy, Steven Gehre & Ursula Gehre, CH-Affoltern am Albis

ISPPM e.V.: International professional society registered in Germany, dedicated, like ISPPM Switzerland, to the scientific study of the earliest stages of human development, international networking, education and therapeutic applications.

Peter Levine - Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute, Boulder, USA. Trainings in SE, list of therapists, relevant literature.

Dr. Rupert Linder, specialist in gynaecology, psychosomatics and psychotherapy, near Heidelberg, Germany. Support, counselling and therapy in the vicinity of everything that has to do with the desire for children, pregnancy and crises in babies and families after birth. Former president of the ISPPM e.V.

Karlton Terry (student of William Emerson), runs together with his wife Kathryn the IPPE - "Institute for Pre / Perinatal Education and Therapy", Denver, USA. Trainings in the USA, England, Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Thomas Verny - Graduate Institute St. Barbara, USA, pioneer, leading authority and co-founder of APPPAH (see above). Fundamental research and works on intrauterine development. Workshops in Canada, USA, Europe, South America and Southeast Asia.

ZEPP Bremen (Centre for Primary Prevention and Body Psychotherapy), Thomas Harms, Bremen, Germany. School for parents, body psychotherapy and training in EEH = Emotional First Aid. (see also Parent-babyCentre Basel and EEH).