Dols, Marleen


Name of the practice/institution: Babysignalen

Address: Toon Schoenmakersstraat 8, 5915JJ Venlo

Phone: +31 77 3514341 / +31 6 4410 4711

Email Address:

Therapeutic Training:

Integratieve Babytherapy Training/ Foundation course Karlton Terry- Kathryn Kier (second time as an assistant in training)

Basic training:

Occupational Therapist

Additional methods:

Basic training Haptonomy / Haptonomic Pregnancy Counselling training / IPPE Apprentice Training

Specialisation: Crybabies/ babies with a traumatic

Target group: Parents with inconsolable babies/toddlers

 Foreign languages: Dutch, English, German

Professional Association:

professional associations: ISPPM

Mode of payment (recognition by health insurance companies, etc.)

sometimes in the supplementary care package